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Initially the problems start off fairly low level and general, such as how to match any character, and work their way up to much more complex matching such as a valid URL or ISBN. Occasionally an additional chunk of code is given to go beyond a regular expression - for example computing the checksum on an ISBN number.

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Overall, the book is useful if you want to extend your knowledge of regular expressions or if you really do need help with a specific problem. It is also useful if you want to compare how different languages treat regular expressions.

2.6: Regular Expressions: test() and match() - Programming with Text

What the book isn't so good at is teaching you the theory that underpins regular expressions and it doesn't give you much of an idea how to go about building your own from scratch or how to test that they work. If you already know the basics, however, it does provide a lot of examples of real practical regular expressions. With more than practical recipes, this cookbook provides everything you need to solve a wide range of real-world problems. Novices will learn basic skills and tools, and programmers and experienced users will find a wealth of detail.

Each recipe provides samples you can use right away. Youll learn powerful new tricks, avoid flavor-specific gotchas, and save valuable time with this huge library of practical solutions. Learn regular expressions basics through a detailed tutorial Use code listings to implement regular expressions with your language of choice Understand how regular expressions differ from language to language Handle common user input with recipes for validation and formatting Find and manipulate words, special characters, and lines of text Detect integers, floating-point numbers, and other numerical formats Parse source code and process log files Use regular expressions in URLs, paths, and IP addresses Manipulate HTML, XML, and data exchange formats Discover little-known regular expression tricks and techniques.

Passar bra ihop. These recipes demonstrate techniques that are very useful for manipulating source code in a text editor and for dealing with log files using a grep tool.

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Combined with the recipes from the new Source Code and Log Files chapter, you can create parsers for whatever custom language or file format you like. If you did buy the first edition, and you often find yourself referring back to it, then the second edition is a very worthwhile upgrade. You can buy the second edition of Regular Expressions Cookbook from Amazon or wherever technical books are sold. Ask for ISBN

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