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And among the 27 percent of respondents who neither strongly approve nor disapprove of Trump's job performance , the president takes most of the blame, but his opponents take a hit, as well. Taken together, the numbers show not only how deep the divides are in U.

They suggest that voters have no doubt that the country's political divisiveness has become a deep and dangerous problem but also that the problem is mostly the other side's fault. In a closely divided country, it's hard to see how those attitudes lead to a resolution any time soon. Impeachment Inquiry Politics U. Sections U.

Follow NBC News. Americans are divided over everything except division Oct.

UC Berkeley Events Calendar | 22nd Annual Travers Conference

Breaking News Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports. But they didn't do that," she said. It's outrageous that every time you have a difference of opinion people just go straight to Museveni. You know Museveni has not talked to me I think in four years. The last I talked to him was in , and it is ridiculous for anybody to say that any time you disagree with them you are the one who has been paid and not them.

I'm not the one who said the constitution should be manipulated unless Museveni paid them to manipulate the constitution," Kamya said.

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Kamya said she's still committed to the ideals and values of the FDC and that her resignation would not destroy the party. Most of them by the way have been largely press-driven storm in a teacup. If you don't agree with the way your leader is doing things you can resign so that you are not a part of the way that things are done. And so to me it was a media-driven storm in a teacup. And so it's a small thing that can happen in any party, a disagreement," Kamya said.

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He focuses on white Americans to state that the decline he describes was not being experienced solely by minorities, whom he brings into his argument in the last few chapters of the book. Murray writes of several differences he sees forming between and causing two emerging classes—the New Upper Class and the New Lower class—among which are differences in or lack thereof in regards to religiosity, work ethic, industriousness, family, etc.

Murray goes on to provide evidence that religiosity, work ethic, industriousness, family, etc. Much of his argument is centered on a notion of self-selective sorting that began in the s and s, when he argues that cognitive ability became the essential predictor of professional and financial success, and people overwhelmingly began marrying others in the same cognitive stratum and living in areas surrounded largely by others in that same stratum, leading to not only an exacerbation of existing economic divides, but an unprecedented sociocultural divide that had not existed before in America.