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American soldiers standing on a wing of a wrecked German plans in North Africa, Gift of Vincent Yannetti. As the Allies debated their course of action, the heavy realities of war and defeat fell onto the scales.


Despite further Allied negotiations on what to do, the invasion of North Africa now gathered steam for Roosevelt as the first step in American military operations towards the defeat of Nazi Germany in Europe. On August 13, Eisenhower was selected as commander of Operation Torch.

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  3. Europe’s Future Will Be Decided in North Africa.
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On August 7, , American forces landed on Guadalcanal, the first landed steps on the long road to Tokyo. On August 23, German forces reached the banks of the Volga River , and the monumental battle at Stalingrad commenced. In late October, Rommel and his forces received their first taste of decisive defeat at the hands of the British at El Alamein. The Americans joined the fight in North Africa with the successful landings on November 8. In the brutal Naval Battle of Guadalcanal fought over November 12—15, the Americans succeeded in isolating the Japanese forces remaining on the island, while at virtually the same time on November 19 the Soviets under General Zhukov successfully surrounded over , German troops of the Sixth Army.

Europe’s Future Will Be Decided in North Africa

The Germans at Stalingrad and the Japanese on Guadalcanal starved, until the German surrender and Japanese evacuation that both took place in the first week of February Dive into the bitterly contested, racial, furious battles of the Eastern Front, where more combatants were killed than in all other theaters combined. On July 10, , the Allies launched Operation Husky before sunrise, a massive amphibious assault on the southern shores of the island.

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War in North Africa

Kitty Kain. Bernard Freyberg. Geoffrey Cox. Michael Joseph Savage.

War in North Africa - History Learning Site

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North African Campaign 1941 - Animated History

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Page 1 – Introduction

Second World War - overview. War in the Pacific. The Merchant Navy. Prisoners of War.

VE and VJ days.